Christopher Penn offers a discreet, personal service designed to enable each of his clients, whether private individuals, companies or public institutions, to build an art collection of exceptional quality.

A new collector will be helped through the process of developing their own personal taste in art through accompanied visits to galleries, exhibitions, art fairs and the auction rooms. A plan for the collection, whether large or small, will be developed with a budget to suit the collector’s own personal circumstances and objectives. Help will then be provided to navigate through the bewildering range of auction and exhibition catalogues and to cut through the complexities of the art market itself.

One of Christopher Penn’s main objectives is to bring art to life, so that the fun and enjoyment of building a collection will be reflected in the character and quality of the works collected, and the pleasure they continue to provide.
All potential acquisitions, whether for new or experienced collectors, will be fully reviewed with the buyer before purchase. Advice will be given on the quality and price of a work, as well as the reputation and standing of the artist.

The best possible price will be negotiated, whether buying from a gallery, a private owner, or from the artist direct, and the benefit of any discount will be passed on to the client in full.

Advice will be provided on art for sale at auction and, when required, Christopher Penn will bid on behalf of his clients.
A comprehensive record of all works of art in the collection will be provided. This will include a photograph of the work, details of the artist, the date it was made, the date of purchase, the price paid etc, all of which will be needed for insurance and tax purposes.

When available, details of the provenance, exhibition history and references to any literature relating to the work will also be provided.

As the collection develops, advice will be given on disposals and reinvestment, both to improve the quality of the collection and to reflect the changing taste or objectives of the collector. The goal will be to combine the pleasure of art collecting with solid investment performance.